Our purpose in missions is to:

  • Engage our congregation in missions by connecting us and our resources to persons in dire need.
  • Encourage our congregation to take part in a “hands-on” approach to local missions by participating in local mission projects.
  • Educate our congregation about how we financially support missions.
  • Equip our congregation with the awareness that everyday we are on a mission for God.

It is our love for the Lord and the utilization of our physical, financial & spiritual gifts that allow the congregation of DHUMC to help the vulnerable and weak, including the poor, the hungry, the diseased and oppressed, in the name Christ.

Some of the work we support:

Haiti Orphanage – www.heartsandhandsforhaiti.org
Habitat for Humanity – www.cincinnati-habitat.org
Darfur – www.thesudanproject.org
Focas Ministries – www.focas-us.org
United Methodist Missions – www.new.gbgm-umc.org